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What is OTG cable

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In our daily life, we have to use many electronic products and contact with a variety of data lines, such as cell phone data lines, computer connection cables, tablet computer data lines, game console charging cables, digital camera connection cables, and so on these products are required to charge and data transmission, the MINI USB data line is our daily use of many data lines. USB data lines not only can charge but also transfer data. With USB Data cable connects the phone and computer, can access the phone files and pictures, can also download files from the computer, pictures to the phone together with the phone can also be charged.

OTG cable 

When it comes to transferring data, of course, not only a product of USB cable, announced by the USB Implementers Forum in 2001 OTG cable can also be connected between different electronic products or mobile devices for data exchange, compared to the advantages of the data cable. Mobile devices are connected to the PC through the USB cable, under the control of the PC, to exchange data. Once separated from the PC, mobile devices can not be transferred between operations because no device can replace the PC host.


Usually, we say OTG cable means OTG data cable, and its function is to achieve non-computer mobile devices to achieve a direct connection with each other, for today's smartphones and tablet computers are very popular and practical. Through OTG cable, we can directly let the phone connect to the U disk or other USB devices, which significantly facilitates users' use. OTG cable is the best bridge.


OTG data cable has changed the situation that mobile devices can only connect to the PC to exchange data, OTG data cable does not need to connect to the PC, mobile devices after OTG data cable connection, such as cell phones after OTG data cable and U disk, mouse, keyboard, digital cameras, and other connections can directly access the file, broaden the function and data transfer, connect the U disk to view the information material to upload and download files, pictures, connect the mouse keyboard to facilitate the game. Pictures, connect to the mouse keyboard to facilitate the game typing, connect to the digital camera can browse pictures, upload and download pictures, that is, shoot that is transmitted when leaving the PC is very convenient.


When the phone is connected to a device via OTG cable, the phone has to power the external device, so how does the phone identify the OTG cable and the USB cable? After unpacking the two lines, you will see that the USB data line 4pin is hanging, OTG data line 4pin is short to the ground, and the phone chip should be after the 4pin to determine whether to insert the USB data line or OTG data line and to resolve whether to open OTG power. The difference in hardware is that one end of the OTG line is a PIN more than connected to a GND grounding line so that the machine to distinguish which is the host (HOST), that is the external device (Device), the appearance of a single is not able to identify the difference between the USB data line or OTG data line.


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