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Your support is our motivation. We will continue to provide better products and services to our customers with high-end connecting wires - Maojia Electronic Wire Harness Processing Manufacturer.


Dongguan Maojia Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd. has a professional team with 26 years of working and technical experience in cable assemblies in the fields of industry, automated machinery and equipment, robotics, medical care, automobiles, rail transit, and military industry.


Our advantage is that we can quickly manufacture customized cables, provide clear and well-analyzed CAD files, determine the process flow, customized packaging methods, and quickly quote.


We have complete production equipment and testing equipment for cable components, as well as test equipment to provide customers with all customized molding or molding signs, and meet customer needs in various ways.


Maojia company has passed ISO 9001 2015 / ISO 13485 / UL certification, completes each cable assembly according to the quality assurance process and will conduct 100% inspection and testing, provide the required test reports, and have online inspections and records in the company. Monthly quality analysis and SPC data analysis report, parts test test report, high-quality manufacturing process, fast response and delivery time, attention to detail and customized production line to ensure the reliability of quality have won the company a good reputation.


We have a professional business team that responds to customer questions/requirements around the clock and responds to customers in the shortest possible time and achieves satisfaction. We can complete customer quotations/drawings and finalize the sample delivery time within the same day, using our professional perspective Help customers adjust customized solutions to make them more reasonable and applicable. We have a global express, sea, and air contact network for cargo delivery to solve shipping problems for customers at any time.
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