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Our company is a professional enterprise engaged in the development, production and sales of medium and high-end data cable products ( D-SUB harness, SCSI harness, CAT5CAT6 network cable, WIRE HARNESS harness, HDMI harness, DVI harness, VGA harness, SCART harness, USB harness, IEEE1394 harness) terminals and wiring equipment. The main products are suitable for industrial automation, medical, automotive, marine, aviation and other fields, the company was established in 2007, the products are exported to more than twenty countries and regions, the company's products with excellent quality and perfect service is well-known at home and abroad market.

Industrial And Electrical

Maojia produces range from portable lighting to power dictribution and are designed to support today’s harsh duty environment.Designed for the harshest environmental conditions to provide safe and reliable connections and protection from contamination, moisture or vibration.The change in industrial electronics from simple signal switching to complex transmission systems requires new innovative connection techniques.
We offer customer-specific cable assemblies, connection systems and much more. Discover our portfolio.


The Medical Industry is one of Maojia’s fastest growing specialties.The transformative power of connectivity. Technology is enhancing and prolonging our lives like never before.now Maojia have provided medical devices on Medical interconnects.

Medical personnel rely on their equipment to perform when an emergency strikes. AirBorn quality ensures the level of reliability required in this life-saving and ever-evolving industry. Maojia offers shielded hoods and combination connections for signal and high voltage contacts to be used in computer tomography equipment and other medical devices.


All connectors are required to comply with the highest standards in the automotive industry.
From custom designed automotive connectors to standard products, Maojia utilizes its industry knowledge to offer solutions for the world’s largest automotive companies and systems.
Our years of expertise in design and development make us the ideal partner for you. We work together with you to develop and perfect the components for each application – from the first thought to full-scale production.

All-Around Advantages to Satisfy Your Needs

Company specializing in all kinds of wiring harness products (USB cable, IEEE1394 cabal, SCSI Cable, HDMI Cable, DVI Cable, VGA Cable, SCART Cable, WIRE HARNESS Cable, CAT5CAT6 Cable), terminal and IC components surrounding the development, production and sales.

Product Diversification

We produce application harnesses and professional customization services for industrial automation, medical, automotive, marine, 
aviation and other fields to meet customer needs.

Quality Assurance

We focus on data harness development, production and sales for 
many years, with rich manufacturing experience, production process 
and quality control standards, dedicated to provide customers 
with quality products.

Factory Price

We offer data cable products at a basic price with one MOQ.
wide range of customers, like car owners, wholesalers, distributors 
and brand owner.
Need custom wire hardness solution?


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