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What is Marine Cable?

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Marine cables? Those who don't know much about wire and cable should be confused by the term, or you can find them by searching for marine cables on the internet, but for the type of marine cable you find, is it right for you to use? You may not be too sure. In this article, we will introduce you to marine cable and its applications.

marine cable

What are marine wire and cable?

Marine cables are cables used in the marine industry, such as ship equipment, as well as some submersible equipment, such as underwater searchlights, underwater machinery, equipment. Marine cables are characterized by excellent water resistance, saltwater resistance, and excellent corrosion resistance. For enhanced circuit protection, most marine copper cables use tinned copper conductors. Another common name for marine cables is marine grade wire.

Types of marine wire and their applications

The two main types of marine cables are P-type and Pendflex hoisting cables.

Type P cable is an industrial marine cable used in the harshest marine environments, including offshore drilling rigs and oil production. These cables have sun, fire, and oil-resistant cross-linked polyolefin insulation. The cables are rugged, have a unique thermoset system, and have a high-temperature range.

Pendaflex hoisting cable is the perfect control cable for cranes, hoists, and lifting systems. What sets it apart from other applications is its excellent bending performance. The cable is classified as an industrial cable.

Marine and ship's cable: These terms are often used interchangeably, although "ship's cable" can be used as a more generic term, and ship's cable always refers to cables used on ships. These cables are used for various applications, including control circuits, power circuits, and communications.

The different abbreviations indicate the different uses of marine cables.

- Type N (T/N) rating indicates that the cable can be used for a variety of applications on commercial ships.

- Types TPS, NI, and XT indicate that the cable is suitable for commercial vessels outside the United States.

- Shipboard cables are typically available in both armored and shielded options. They can be distinguished by the letter at the end of the cable name, A for armored cable and U for unarmored cable.

- Marine cables with the abbreviation HOW at the end of the cable name indicate that the cable has good oil resistance.

- Those with the LSZH character indicate that the cable is low smoke zero halogens, which protects the ship's environment from harmful gases in case of fire.

- Marine cables are generally available in 150, 300, and 600 V voltages.

- Some wires are marked explicitly for mission-critical environments.

- PVC, XLPE, and EPR are marine cables marked with the corresponding insulation material.

- Thermocouple marine cables are available in temperatures ranging from -270 C to 1260 C.

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