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What is M12 Cable?

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M12 cable is a cable used for M12 connected to the machine. We generally buy cables with connectors. M12 cable with connectors is the M12 connector because M12 connectors are generally used in corrosive environments in industry, so the quality of M12 cable also requires a corrosion-resistant function. We need to understand the M12 cable first need to understand the M12 connector.

What is M12 connector?

The M12 connector is a circular connector with a 12 mm locking thread and is primarily used in factory automation applications for actuators, sensors, industrial Ethernet, and Fieldbus. M12 connectors are designed for washdown and corrosive environments. M12 connectors are available in 3, 4, 5, 8, and 12-pin designs. The number of pins used varies from application to application.

- Sensor and power applications require 3 and 4 pins.

- PROFINET and Ethernet require 4 and 8 pin counts.

- Fieldbus, CAN bus, and DeviceNet typically use 4 and 5-pin counts.

- 12 pins are used for signaling requirements.

M12 connectors are used in many applications, including agriculture, alternative energy, communications, factory automation, measurement and control, robotics, and transportation.

m12 cable

The M12 connector is one of industrial automation's most commonly used connectors. This small but critical device has evolved as industrial plants have moved from parallel wiring systems to connect mechanical and communication devices to more secure forms of distributed control.

The development of fieldbuses has led to a greater need for connections between PLCs and industrial components that can resist environmental interference while transmitting data securely. The screw-lock and bayonet style of the M12 connector quickly became the industry standard in many industrial environments, including machine tools, packaging, automation, and more.

The history of the M12 and its smaller "cousin," the M8, dates back to 1982 when a German company introduced the RK30, a 7⁄8-inch round, 3-pin, threaded "waterproof" connector. This pre-assembled, overmolded connector was designed to be used in various applications. This pre-assembled, over-molded connector is IP67 rated, which means it is dust and water-resistant even when temporarily submerged in water. Formerly used to connect industrial sensors, the M12 found its first industrial automation application in automotive plants, which remains a key market for M12 connectors today. Before the M12, options were limited: engineers were forced to hard wire or constantly replace connectors that could not withstand harsh environments.

The M8 and M12 have become favorites for anyone who needs a rugged sealed connector. In addition to automotive production, other industries that require specific cables to best meet reliability requirements include food and beverage processing environments, machine building, rubber and plastics, textiles, and printing presses. They also connect to spray valves on farm equipment or coolant valves in HVAC systems. Various cable types, connector orientations, and keying options allow the M8 and M12 connectors to address various situations and applications.

In addition to IP67, M12 connectors are also available in IP65, IP68, and IP69K ratings. This allows the M12 to be used in the most demanding applications, even those requiring high-pressure flushing processes. IP69K applications often require corrosion resistance, which can be achieved using stainless steel coupling nuts.

M12 Connector and M12 Cable

The connector and its connecting cable are not divisible. The M12 connector and M12 cable are the same. You can not use just a connector without a cable or a cable without a connector because the lack of one of your connectors can not function properly. Of course, you may encounter cable damage just need to replace the cable on the case, but remember to use M12 cable replacement, do not just find Other cable replacement because the protection level of the cable matches the protection level of the M12 connector, to ensure the normal use of the line, as well as the subsequent use of security.

Custom M12 cable

Suppose you need custom M12 cable for your project. Welcome to contact Maojia. We are professional cable manufacturers according to your project needs to customize various levels of M12 cable, and the quality of products is strictly tested to meet international standards. Contact us to learn more!


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