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What is LVDS cable? Are they the same?

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Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) is a technology that meets the needs of today's high-performance data transmission applications. LVDS is an electrical low-voltage differential signaling system that can be run at very high speeds over inexpensive twisted-pair copper cable. These twisted pairs maintain the 100-ohm differential impedance required for LVDS data signals. LVDS has become the preferred differential standard because of its ability to provide high data rates while consuming less power than any other interface technology. LVDS uses high-speed analog circuit technology to provide gigabit data transmission over copper interconnects and is the universal interface standard for high-speed data transmission. That's why the LVDS standard is becoming the industry's most popular standard for differential data transmission.

LVDS cable

Are all LVDS cablesthe same?

No. Most LVDS cables have a unique pinout based on the LCD panel and the SBC (Single Board Computer) driving the LCD. Most of Quadrangle Product's LVDS cables are custom cables.

LVDS cables are very popular in electronic communication devices, including computers and smart devices. These cables are useful in networking and analog video interfaces. Data transmission cable assemblies can range in length from 1.00 inches to several meters (6-7), depending on the construction and requirements of the LVDS system.

Advantages of LVDS include

▪ Compatible with low voltage power supplies

▪ Low noise generation

▪ High noise rejection

▪ Powerful transmission signals

▪ Ability to be integrated into system-level ICS

Custom LVDS Cables from Maojia

Maojia manufactures high-quality custom LVDS cable assemblies. Maojia can customize a low-voltage differential cable assembly to meet your needs regardless of length or application. Each custom cable assembly is manufactured to our customer's specifications and tested for 100% quality. We have the technical and production expertise to customize the best LVDS cable for your project and produce high-quality cable for you as quickly as possible.



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