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What is an automotive wiring harness?

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To keep a car functioning correctly, it needs the interplay between the various electronic parts. Automotive cables bridge the gap to ensure power and signals flow smoothly through these electronic components. They are an important part similar to the blood vessels and nerves of the human body. This article will share with you what an automotive wiring harness is and how to choose the right one for your project.

What is an automotive wiring harness?

An automotive wiring harness, automotive wiring harness, or automotive wiring harness, is more than just some insulating material-covered tubes. It also includes the cables and wires that connect your vehicle's various electrical and electronic components. It allows wires to pass through it in an organized manner.

The harness guides wires to and from all electrical components of the vehicle, such as ECU (engine control unit) relays, fuse boxes, lights, and other important sensors such as TPS (throttle position sensor), MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensors, fuel injectors, ignition coils, and grounds.

It also includes safety enclosures to prevent short-circuit fires and clean wiring.

what is automotive wiring harness

Determining the quality of the wiring harness

Most wiring harnesses look similar and are a bunch of wires and connectors. So, how do you pick a good-quality harness?

Look at the way the wires are connected.

Two methods of connecting wires and connectors are crimping and crimp soldering.

If only a crimp connection exists, all strands may not be included. If the crimp connection does not include all strands, it will have a lower conductivity than a fully crimped connection. The lower the conductivity, the higher the resistance, which means the lower the voltage. In vehicles, specific components will not work at low voltages; if they do, they may wear out prematurely.

Crimped and welded connections have two advantages.

1. there is no conductivity problem, even if it does not include all strands.

2. This combination is more durable than using only crimped connections.

Check to see if the harness is expandable.

Why should I check the expandability of an automotive wiring harness?

1. An expandable harness can accommodate more amperage than the circuit it contains.

2. For harnesses with higher current strength, use thicker wires.

3. Oversized wiring ensures minimal voltage drop across each circuit. In addition, it specifies that the harness will work as expected under all conditions.

Choosing the suitable automotive wiring harness

The market is flooded with many types of wire. Choosing a suitable wire for your application can be confusing. Choosing the wrong wire can lead to fires and malfunctions. Before choosing a suitable wire for your vehicle, remember the following points.

1. Do not use household wires in your vehicle because they cannot withstand high temperatures, vibration, and low chemical resistance.

2. Do not choose cheap wires because they are mainly aluminum, which has poor electrical conductivity, so you must use high-spec wires.

3. Do not buy wires from discount sites.

automotive wiring harness-2

There are several common types of automotive wiring harnesses.

Main wire or GPT harness.

- It is a general-purpose automotive wire.

- It is resistant to oils, acids, and harmful chemicals.

- With a multi-strand core, its flexible insulation can be easily pulled and stretched in tight spaces.

- It can withstand a temperature range of 80 degrees Celsius to 105 degrees Celsius.

Connection wire or motor wire.

- It has thin wires that can handle high voltage.

- It is resistant to acids, water, fungi, solvents, and oils.

- In addition to automotive applications, you can use them for the internal wiring of appliances.

SXL Wires

- These wires have a cross-linked PE (polyethylene sheath). As a result, they can withstand high temperatures and wear and tear and are more durable.

- These wires are best suited for racing and industrial vehicles.

Horn Wires

- As the name implies, you can use them for audio applications to transmit sound from stereo to speakers.

- These wires have pairs of stranded wires.

- These are low-voltage wires, so they cannot handle high loads.

- Proper use of their "+" and "-" terminals can improve sound quality.

Battery cables

- You can use these cables to connect the battery to the car system.

- These cables have thick gauge wires.

- These cables are prone to corrosion.

Trailer cables.

- GPT wires become trailer wires when colored and used in trailer applications.

- Trailer wire has a coloring system that includes green, yellow, brown, and white. All of these colors represent special lighting features.

How do I purchase the proper automotive wiring harness?

Suppose you are sourcing a complete automotive wiring harness for your automotive project. In that case, the best way is to contact a professional automotive wiring harness manufacturer such as Maojia, we can provide you with a complete set of automotive wiring harnesses, saving you the hassle of sourcing them separately again and ensuring the matching versatility of the harnesses, and we can also provide you with a custom automotive wiring harness service to ensure that the harnesses are suitable for your automotive project. Welcome to contact us to learn more.


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