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What is a USB Type-C cable

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Apple's 12-inch Macbook release received a modest response, but the USB Type-C cable instantly became famous worldwide. Some people praise its small size, and double-sided usability, charging, data transmission, video output (HDMI, VGA, Display Port), and various expansion peripherals are all competent. Some people also criticized that the USB Type-C cable is less versatile, and U disk, mouse, keyboard, etc., cannot be directly connected, and it is a waste to leave the adapter.

Laptops are mainly used for office work, and scalability is very important. The 12-inch Macbook has only one USB Type-C cable interface. It is very inconvenient to connect a USB flash drive and a mouse. However, USB Type-C cable is very promising in mobile terminals such as mobile phones and tablet computers. For a "double-sided usable" interface, the Micro USB (common to Android and WP mobile phones) interface is a few streets away.

The 12-inch Macbook is not the first consumer product to adopt USB Type-C. The Nokia N1 tablet released in January this year uses this interface, and the upcoming LeTV mobile phone uses the USB Type-C cable interface. You may want to ask, what the hell is the USB Type-C cable that has become popular all over the world overnight? The following editor will analyze it in detail.

USB-TYPE-C cable 

Multi-purpose, double-sided pluggable

USB Type-C cable has been around for less than a year. It was just finalized in the USB 3.1 standard released in August 2014, which defines a whole new set of USB physical specifications, including connectors, ports, containers, and cables. Specification for a new type of USB cable and connector. The Nokia N1 was used for the first time, but it had limited influence and was not well-known, and the new Macbook made it instantly popular.


Apple officials are generous with USB Type-C, saying that it can charge laptops, connect various expansion peripherals through USB 3 fast data transfer, and provide video output that supports HDMI, VGA, and Display Port connections. Its size is only one-third the size of existing USB ports.


What are the characteristics of a USB Type-C cable?

Aside from Apple's praise, the USB Type-C cable has the following characteristics.

1. The maximum data transfer speed reaches 10Gbit/s, which is also the standard of USB 3.1.

2. The Type-C interface socket end size is about 8.3mm × 2.5mm slim design.

3. It supports the "positive and negative insertion" function that can be inserted from both sides and can withstand 10,000 repeated insertions and withdrawals.

4. The standard cable with a Type-C connector can pass a 3A current and provide a maximum power of 100W.

There are three words, "fast, strong, and small," regardless of the pros and cons, which solves the global problem of "USB can never be inserted correctly," and the front and back are just plugged in.


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