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The importance of automotive harnesses assembly

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Automotive harness assembly means wrapping various types of wires into a bundle called a wiring harness. A uniform wrap protects the insulation layer, allowing for better parts wiring and saving the occupied space. The materials used in automotive harnesses are mainly wires, connectors, sensors, and other parts. This article will introduce the precautions and importance of automotive wiring harness assembly.

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Automotive harnesses assembly process

Before assembling the automotive wiring harness, you need to be familiar with the principle of the circuit diagram first and then the wiring and processing of each part. Automotive wiring harness production and processing can be divided into two parts.

  • Crimping terminals. It includes two forms fully automatic crimping and semi-automatic crimping.

  • Assembly process. The Assembly process is further divided into the pre-assembly and assembly processes.

Automotive harnesses assembly considerations

General chassis wiring harnesses are used flame retardant and mechanical properties of the better-corrugated sheath, while the cab harnesses are used cold, heat-resistant insulating plastic tape wrapping. It is mainly assembled and produced according to the working environment of the automotive wiring harness.

Segmented manufacturing: For subsequent assembly and maintenance convenience, automotive harness manufacturers generally perform segmented manufacturing, connecting multiple harness segments through connectors; in automotive applications, the fewer the segments, the better to avoid too many connectors and the resulting voltage drop, which can cause poor contact. Moreover, segmented production can detect poor contact, poor insulation, and assembly errors in time.

Poor contact judgment of wiring harness: Most of the causes are found in the connectors. When a fault occurs, the electrical equipment does not work correctly. The electrical equipment can power by detecting test tools to exclude plug-in failure.

The automotive harnesses in the assembly of the harness do not pull the harness too tight, especially in the lateral arrangement of the wiring harness. Avoid vehicle bumps; the harness fixed point position loosening leads to a sudden increase in the distance between the two fixed points, thus causing poor contact within the harness contacts, changes in wire parameters, and even pulling off the wire.

After the wire harness is assembled, enough clearance needs to be left to ensure that it is not overwhelmed or tripped by other components. Avoid grounding faults caused by wire harness insulation being pinched, worn or broken.

Features of automotive harnesses assembly

The degree of automation of the automotive wiring harness assembly line is relatively low. Many processes need manual labor to complete, so sufficient labor is required in the automotive wiring harness manufacturing plant during assembly.

The automotive wiring harness manufacturers' plant may encounter this situation where the assembly task is not completed under a specific production environment. If this happens too often, it affects assembly efficiency, takes time and effort, and causes economic loss. So a reasonable allocation of each process is necessary.



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