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The application of retractile cable in the Medical Industry

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       Retractile cable, often referred to as coil wire or coiled wire, these retractable/stretchable wires have many uses beyond old telephones.

       Many businesses - including those in the robotics, communications, military, energy, marine, electronics, food and beverage, and medical industries - use coiled cable in their equipment daily. The medical industry, in particular, often uses a retractable cable.

Retractile cable

Benefits of retractable cable for the healthcare sector

       In the medical field, space must be used wisely while properly maintaining critical equipment; machines and equipment must be high performing and reliable to protect the safety of practitioners and patients.

       Medical equipment must also meet strict industry standards to help ensure optimal hygiene, safety, and efficacy; for example, many devices must undergo routine sterilization procedures. Therefore, the medical cables used in this equipment must be lightweight, durable, and resistant to twisting and kinking to maximize safety.

       Some devices may also require various sizes and lengths of power cables to meet specific application requirements. In an industry with such stringent standards, the custom retractable cable can provide the ideal solution for specific cable needs.

       The unique design of the crimped cable is beneficial for saving space. With the ability to extend the length multiple times before quickly regaining its original shape, these cables are versatile and take up very little space when not in use.

       This ability to expand and reduce in size saves space and helps users maintain a neater work area by eliminating the mess of long cables and wires. In addition, the unique design helps eliminate the safety issues associated with the tangled cable.

       Because these cables retract automatically, they help save time during critical medical procedures; no need to waste time putting cables away or wrapping power cables around them. Retractable cables provide users with greater mobility than traditional options, allowing doctors and nurses to perform multiple tasks without being limited to small areas.

Typical medical applications for retractable cable

       At Consolidated Electronic Wire and Cable, we are proud to offer custom retractable coils and cable for many applications in the medical industry. Typical applications include defibrillators, x-ray and scanning equipment, finger pulse oximeters, as well as many other types of equipment.

       Our team of experts works closely with customers in the medical industry to develop custom solutions that fit their unique needs. For example, a medical device supplier recently contacted us looking for a shielded, six-core, high gloss polyurethane retractable cord.

       Using state-of-the-art equipment, we were able to provide a high gloss wire that was only 23 inches long when retracted. The customer was so pleased with the final product that they ordered 10,000 parts. We also provided a concise turnaround time, completing the entire project in three to four weeks.

       On another previous job, a customer came to us looking for a custom-fabricated retractable cable for hospital carts. The customer found that too many of their existing cable was hanging down, blocking equipment and making it difficult for staff to reach necessary machines and equipment.

       With these specific needs in mind, we used a primary service thermoplastic to create a super-elastic cord that provides 100 times better shape retention than most currently available cables.

       In addition to providing better shape retention, these ropes are more durable - better able to resist marks, scratches, and liquids - while remaining highly compact, measuring just 1 inch in length when retracted and 5 inches in length.


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