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Is D-Sub same as VGA?

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What is the difference between D-SUB and VGA interface? Are they the same?

It can be said that they are the same thing. More specifically, VGA is for use with 15-pin D-sub connectors. Comparing them is an act of disambiguation because D-sub is a standard electronic connector typically used for VGA, so if you're talking about D-sub for computer monitors, you're probably referring to the VGA connector.


To reiterate, VGA is the A/V interface, and D-sub is the connector type it was chosen initially for (by IBM for the IBM PS/2 personal computer circa 1987).


VGA and D-Sub vs. A/V standards

Comparing VGA and D-Sub to each other makes about as much sense as comparing a human being to his or her head or limbs. D-sub is part of how VGA works, although D-sub is also commonly used for other purposes, such as serial and parallel ports.


What is D-Sub?

D-subThe D-subminiatureis a D-shaped electrical connector invented back in 1952. It features a D-shaped metal shield that provides EMI shielding, ensures proper orientation, and provides solid mechanical support. All other D-sub interfaces have become obsolete due to advances such as SAS and USB.


What is VGA? 

VGA is short for Video Graphics Array video connection interface is a PC monitor connection standard that became popular in the 21st century thanks to gamers who liked its zero-latency connection and ability to support image quality up to 2048 x 1536 resolution.


What is VGA? 

The Video Graphics Array video connection interface is a PC monitor connection standard that became popular in the 21st century thanks to gamers who prefer its zero-latency connection and support for image quality up to 2048 x 1536 resolution. In addition, it is an analog standard used primarily for older monitors and desktop computer models. IBM originally developed VGA in 1987 for its IBM PS/2 PCs. Still, PC clones adopted (stole) VGA to make it the standard for monitor connections in the 1990s.


DVI-I Connector vs. D-Sub VGA

How does the DVI standard relate to the VGA standard? The Digital Video Interface (DVI) was supposed to be the 1999 successor to the 1987 universal PC monitor standard, VGA. However, things happened, and better A/V standards emerged, such as High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and DP (DisplayPort), which can connect video and audio in a single cable connection. Also, DVI-I (single and dual-link) ports can easily support DVI to VGA adapters, as DVI is supposed to be the successor and descendant of VGA.


Can VGA be done in 1080p like HDMI? The maximum resolution of analog VGA is usually 800 x 600 pixels, but this can be scaled from 1920 x 1080 to 2048 x 1536 pixels depending on how good the signal is or if there is a good enough cable and transceiver at both ends. For this reason and more, we are still talking about VGA and SVGA in 2020, even though VGA was made in 1987 and the D-sub type of multi-pin connector was made in 1952. It also helps that modern TVs and projectors have DVI or VGA ports on the back to allow PC connectivity.


Why aren't D-Sub and VGA obsolete?

VGA is quickly becoming obsolete as RCA connectors for TVs and VCRs. However, they are still around because of their D-sub connection and video quality. The D-subminiature connector is a universal connector used for various connections on older PCs. Still, it can persist in modern times due to the longevity of the VGA standard. Many monitors support VGA connections due to PC gaming and gamers prefer the zero-latency capabilities of VGA over the post-processing latency of HDMI.


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