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Detailed introduction of the automotive harnesses production process

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With the gradual rise of automobile sales, the market for automotive harnesses has become more and more extensive. Nowadays, many wiring harness manufacturers are concerned about automotive harnesses' production process and technology. The standard and quality of the automotive wiring harness directly affect the car's service life and safety performance.

Automotive harnesses combine wire, contact terminals (connectors), and sheathing components. Therefore, the production process and technology of the wire harness are critical; let's learn more about it!

Automotive harnesses

Wire cutting process

Warehouse workers release the material according to the material receipt; then, the production department will cut the bellows, PVC, and fiberglass pipe; the cut end should be complete, then the car wire is cut and stripped. It should note that the open wire requirements and length cannot have any errors, and the length is usually set on the display board. Since the open wire process will directly affect the subsequent production process of the automotive wire harness and relate to the accuracy of the whole process, so it must be monitored regularly.

Crimping process

In the case of terminal crimping, the automotive wiring harness needs to follow the operation instructions strictly. Because sometimes, the harness will be set on the waterproof and then crimped; also, some need to put on the protective sleeve from the pre-assembly station back and then crimped. These stations need to be ready for random inspection. The production process of the automotive wiring harness process is rigorous, and the strict quality of the product is a necessary factor for the company's growth.

Pre-assembly process

The handover date and quality assurance of the automotive wiring harness are primarily related to the setup of the pre-assembly stations. The rationality of the pre-assembly process directly affects the efficiency of the harness assembly and, at the same time, reflects the expertise of the R&D staff. Setting up pre-assembly stations for automotive wiring harnesses requires on-site guidance and summaries from engineering personnel. Many automotive wiring harness manufacturers have encountered many attempts to optimize progress in the equipment. Avoid the appearance of a workstation workload is substantial, and also need to be in the field constantly experience summing up.

General assembly process

Each work station needs to set the assembly content and requirements to prevent each workload from being too large, thus affecting the accuracy of the entire assembly line.


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