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Considerations for Purchasing Automotive harnesses

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As the demand for automotive harnesses has increased, the trend in automotive-related industries has grown significantly. The importance of automotive harnesses as one of the necessary parts for automobiles is very significant.

automotive harnesses

So, what do automobile manufacturers need to pay attention to when procuring automotive harnesses? Let's find out below!

Sourcing quality and inexpensive products is a talent that a qualified purchaser must-have. Today, we will analyze in detail how purchasers are pursuing cost-effectiveness; how to maximize cost savings without compromising the quality of the product. Just do the following two things.

1, understand the needs of their own, clear expression.

Automotive wiring harness than the general terminal harness technical process is much more stringent, its process is more complex, requiring more raw materials. Therefore, the harness model, tension standard, quantity, payment method, delivery date, inspection standards, etc., should be prominent when purchasing. Automotive wiring harness manufacturers need to go through continuous break-in and debugging before they can officially produce. Therefore, the purchaser needs to understand the performance data of the wiring harness and then communicate with the automotive wiring harness supplier to confirm.

2、Identify the strength of the automotive wiring harness manufacturer

After confirming the performance requirements of the automotive wiring harness, how to find a manufacturer with the strength to produce it?

Equipment strength

If you want to find an automotive wiring harness manufacturer with strong production capacity and good product quality, its equipment is essential. The wiring harness industry, from manual terminal crimping, to the current automated processing, has experienced the strength of growth. Once the manual operation, due to its high scrap rate and high labor costs, the product is costly. However, the automated operation now makes everything better, with good product quality, reasonable price, and low scrap rate.


Generally, automotive harnesses or new energy vehicle cable is the primary qualification certification, generally can test rub UL certification, ISO certification, etc. The certificate is also a way to prove the strength of the manufacturer.

Geographical area

Because of the complexity of the automotive wiring harness process, if you want to choose the proper manufacturer, the first thing to consider is the strength of the Chinese manufacturers, which is conducive to later communication and adjustment. However, some overseas customers choose Chinese suppliers, depending on the customer's needs.

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Due to the complexity of the wiring harness process, it is necessary to communicate more with the manufacturer. If you want to know the strength of the manufacturer on the Internet, you can go to the manufacturer's reputation, product quality, technical capabilities, etc. You can also view the manufacturer's production video to get a detailed understanding of it.

These are the considerations for purchasing automotive harnesses. If you do an excellent job in all aspects of the strategy and have enough knowledge of the manufacturer, it will be much easier to purchase high-quality products.

Suppose you are a beginner and not yet familiar with purchasing automotive harnesses. In that case, you can contact us, and we can provide customized services to determine the workflow, customize the packaging method, and give you a quick quote.


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