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Wire harness processing and production process technology

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Wire harness processing production is divided into the following parts.

1, cutting wire is the size of the wire according to the process requirements to complete the cut, some fully automatic crimping equipment can be cut wire, crimping at the same time

2, terminal crimping will be cut to complete the wire with a small crimping machine crimped on the terminal (now few tin solder), sometimes a terminal crimped multiple wires;.

3, sub-assembly of the crimped wire according to the sub-assembly process requirements, that is, the terminal into the sheath

4, assembly will be sub-assembly completed in the small assembly on the board according to the circuit to complete the assembly (tape or tie bundle, that is, the harness)

5、Circuit testing On the special circuit testing equipment according to the predetermined circuit direction to do the conduction test (without load, so it does not affect the function of the harness)

6、Appearance test: detect with the naked eye whether some appearance parts are up to standard and whether accessories are missing.

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