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What are the basic materials for automotive wiring harnesses

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Automotive wiring harness is the car circuit parts of the carrier, someone once made an image of the analogy, car wiring harness is a blood vessel, car engine is the heart, the heart is beating because of the blood vessels, the engine is running because of the wiring harness, visible car wiring harness on the importance of the car circuit normal stability. Therefore, understand the car wiring harness products and process knowledge, it is necessary.

The wiring harness is a copper punching and into the touch piece terminal (articulator) and wire and cable crimping, and then outside the plastic pressure insulator or additional metal shell, etc., to bundle the wiring harness to form the articulated circuit components. In short, it is connected to the car electrical wiring, the car's operating conditions and parameters are reflected in the car computer through the wiring harness. On the other hand, the car wiring harness electronic technology content, become an important goal of the evaluation of the car function.

The classification of the car wiring harness can be divided into the main harness and small wiring harness two. The main harness includes the engine harness, central wiring box harness, instrument panel harness, cockpit harness, etc.; while the small harness includes the door harness, battery harness, ABS brake line harness, etc.. In addition to this, according to the voltage difference, the car harness can be divided into high-voltage harness and low-voltage harness. Car high-voltage wire Z is the main feature of high-voltage small current, insulation function requires high, so the insulation layer is often thicker and core wire is relatively thin.

The production process of the car wiring harness car wiring harness production process is the primary open wire, crimping, pre-assembly, assembly, etc., the primary material for the wire harness heat-shrinkable material, is an important insulation material in the car wiring harness. Domestic heat-shrinkable materials for car manufacturing market share is still very low, only about 20%. It is worth mentioning that 80% of the global market share is occupied by the United States Rui Kan and Japan Sumitomo.

Automotive wiring harness development trend With the development of car electronics, economy, comfort, reliability, etc. will become more and more prominent, the requirements of the wiring harness suddenly become higher. Car wiring harness shopping mall will gradually shift from low-cost strategy mall to a higher technology content of the cost-effective mall. Car wiring harness also towards the direction of high-voltage, lightweight, standardization.

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