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The difference between oxygen-free copper and oxygen-free copper rods

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Due to the different manufacturing methods, the low-oxygen copper rod and the oxygen-free copper rod have different characteristics. 

1. About the inhalation and desorption of oxygen and its state of existence

The oxygen content of the low-oxygen copper rod is generally 200 (175) - 400 (450) ppm, so the entry of oxygen is inhaled in the liquid state of copper, while the oxygen-free copper rod of the upward lead method is the opposite, and the oxygen is in the liquid copper. After a considerable period, it is reduced and removed. Usually, the oxygen content of this rod is below 10-50 ppm, and the minimum can reach 1-2 ppm. The oxygen in oxygen-free copper is deficient, so the structure of this copper is a uniform single-phase structure, which is beneficial to toughness.

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2. The difference between the amount of debris and the existing hot rolling defects

The drawability of the oxygen-free copper rod is superior to that of the low-oxygen copper rod in all wire diameters. In addition to the above organizational reasons, the oxygen-free copper rod has fewer inclusions, stable oxygen content, and no defects caused by hot rolling. , The oxygen monitoring is not strict, and the unstable oxygen content will directly affect the rod's performance. Suppose the surface oxide of the rod can be compensated in the continuous cleaning of the subsequent process. In that case, it is more troublesome that a considerable amount of oxide exists "under the skin," which directly impacts the wire breakage.


3. The toughness of the low-oxygen copper rod and the oxygen-free copper rod is different

Both can be pulled to 0.015mm, but the low-temperature oxygen-free copper in the low-temperature superconducting wire has only a 0.001mm spacing between the filaments.


4. The wire making process of the hypoxic copper rod is different from that of the oxygen-free copper rod

The wire-making process of the low-oxygen copper rod cannot be copied to the wire-making process of the oxygen-free copper rod. At least the annealing process of the two is different. Because the softness of the wire is deeply affected by the material composition and the rod making, wire making, and annealing process, it cannot be said that the low-oxygen copper or the oxygen-free copper is soft and hard.


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