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10PIN plastic connector moulding

15-pin aviation waterproof plug integrated harness

16 core round head aviation waterproof connector

16M 8PIN aviation connector TPU outer cover

20A av Suitable for stage LED screens beam shaking headlightsspeakers and other equipment cables

20PIN plastic connector moulding

22Pin plug-in to 4-core M12/2P-AV connector

26 pin plug-in integrated flat extension harness

2W2 40A high current transmission cable Male - Male

3.5mm/3 channel to rj11 4P4C telephone line

37-pin connector with magnetic connector Male - Female for quick connection of medical devices

3M 50PIN Image Capture Cable

4-core aviation plug to 6-core waterproof plug-in connecting wire

4-core D-type M12 to RJ45 code reader connection cable

40P terminal block wiring

48 pin automotive cable assembly wire harness HD481-0.6-1.5-21X

4P aviation waterproof plug to 4P plug-in connection cable

6 pins divided into 2+4 to connect the diagnostic cable

6 pins divided into 2+4 to connect the diagnostic cable-02

6 pins divided into 2+4 to connect the diagnostic cable-3

7 Pin aviation waterproof plug male and female extension wire

7-core M16 assembled aviation plug

7W2 40A high current + data transmission cable Male - Male

8 Pin wire core customized plug-in harness

8-core D-SUB high current connector

8-core MINI DIN single button nurse call line

8PIN plastic connector moulding

9 pin automotive diagnostic connector connection line

9-pin J1939 male and female head to DT04 connecting wire

Agricultural vehicle control line

All copper core flame retardant OBD2 connecting wire

AMPHENOL 19PIN + 22PIN + 6PIN Internal device cable

AMPHENOL 19PIN-+-22PIN-+-6PIN - for internal equipment


AMPHENOL AL06FD15-19S Luxury Cruise Line

Automobile air conditioning control line

AUTOMOTIVE CABLEVHDC-68PIN-Male ----Male 360° EMI protection for industrial equipment data acquisiti

Automotive Data Inspection Line

Automotive Inspection Cable OBDII 16PIN Male - Female

Aviation 2-core waterproof integrated connecting wire

Aviation waterproof plug to 4p plug-in connection cable

Aviation waterproof plug to 6p plug-in connection cable

Aviation waterproof plug to plug-in connection line/

AVT industrial camera power trigger cable 8-pin plug

BANNER sensor wire

Blood Glucose Test Line

BMW Car Signal Receiving Cable

BNC Male - Male Wire RG58U Impedance 75 Ohm

Car audio cable

Car audio control cable

CAT5E Ethernet RJ45 8P8C Full wrap metal case

CAT5E Ethernet RJ45 8P8C short body flat cable

CAT6 Ethernet cable MOLEX RJ45 8P8C connector

CAT6 Ethernet cable RJ45 8P8C

CAT6 RJ45 8P8C Formed with protective cover

CAT7 high speed network cable RJ45 8P8C fully assembled

CCTV BNC Male To Male Extension Coaxial BNC To BNC Cable

Connection harness for automotive industry encoder controller

Crocodile clip to circular 7-pin circular connector

Custom DB25 Serial Cable harness assembly

custom M12 cable

Custom male female Jst molex wire harness

Custom Oem High Quality Female Or Male Db25 To Xlr Cable 8 Channel Xlr 3 Pin Male Female Snake Cable

Custom USB TYPE-C male - male data cable

Customization - electrode buckle connection wire

Customized AC power three pin card type pin socket cable

Customized car plug-in terminal extension connection wire

Customized integrated 16 Pin wire core connection harness

Customized integrated complex wiring harness

Customized nylon industrial plug-in harness

Customized OEM high-quality DB25 PIN male to 8 PCS audio male cable

Customized spiral wire integrated harness connecting wire

Customized Waterproof M8 M12 Cable Connector Sensor Wire 2 3 4 5 6 8 12 17 Pin Male Female Plug Sock

Customized wiring harness for drag chain walking

Customized wiring harness plug-in integration Customized wiring harness cable

D-SUB 15P/90 ° male to male elbow extension cable

d-sub 44 pin cable to Cigarette lighter for cars cable


D-tap to 3-core XLR XLR connecting cable

D-tap to 4-core GX-12 connecting cable

D-tap to DC connection cable

D-tap to fgg elbow connection line

D-tap to fgg straight connector

Data integration harness for large entertainment equipment

Data transmission cable DB25PIN male - female 360 degree EMI protection

Data transmission cable HDDB50PIN female - DB25PIN female

DB 62Pin male and female customized wiring harness

DB 78Pin male and female customized wiring harness

DB 9Pin to 3.5MM plug connection wire

DB standard plug-in connector/customized harness cable



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